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Rotary encoder resolution : 200 per a round
Rotary encoder knob size :Diameter 30mm(Aluminum)
Buttons : 2 identical (Seimitukougyou product)
- Length : 140mm
- Width : 81mm
- Thickness : 40mm (Not inclde protrusion parts)
This device is design to play with Old Break Out Type games. At default setting, paddle rotation is related to mouse movement, two buttons are related to mouse click of left & right. So you can use this device immediately. But this device is not for only gaming. You can change function of paddle and buttons by setting tool that is very easy to use.
Price 7,480 YEN
( item weight = 350g )

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Detectable Radiation : α / β / γ Rays
Detectable area : Able to detect Natural radiation
Size : Length : 80mm / Width : 140mm
Thickness : 40mm (Not inclde protrusion parts.)
Make your own radiation detector by theory of Geiger-Muller counter tube. Use this device to detect Alpha rays / Beta rays / Gamma rays. Find radioactive Material around you . Make Geiger-Muller tube from Photo Film case. You can learn how the theory works. *This kit set contain parts to build an Air Geiger-Müller counter.

Price 12,800 YEN
( item weight = 350g )

*New Japanese electric hand crafting kit set are Coming Soon!!*