[Step1 (Mail Order)]
・If you have decided to buy please check with list follows.Then give us an email to order. (We will do our best to reply quickly but may take 3 working days depends on the condition.)
[Step2 (payment form for Paypal)]
・You will receive an email from person in charge about your order.
It tell you total of amount include shipping.
・Then payment form from Paypal.
[Step3 (To Door)]
・When we confirm your payment with paypal we will post your order quickly.

From Here!
" order@j-kosaku.jp "
Please type in followming details.
[Full Name]=
[Postal / Zip Code]=
[Name of Item and How many you would like to buy.]=

About Shipping
・Posting by EMS(Express Mailing Service) to your address.
・Postage price list for region follows. ([PDF] EMS price list)

[About Shipping Charge]
・Shipping charge will be depend on Purchased item weight+Packaging.

Example1 : for AirGeiger-MullerCounterKitSet
[1 Air Geiger Counter 350g]+[Packaging material (about)200g]=[Total shipping weight 550g]

Example2 : for 2 AirGeiger-MullerCounterKitSet
[2 Air Geiger Counters 700g(350g x 2)]+[Packaging material (about)200g]=[Total shipping weight 900g]

・When you order several items at once packaging weight will be lighter than single item order.
(Packaging weight may slightly vary.)
・About the weight of each item please look at Catalog page or Product page.

[Shipping Charge]

> JAPAN POST EMS Charge table <

[Frequently Asked Questions]
・FAQ is progressing Please wait !